About Lapadala.com

Lapadala is short for "Laguna Padala" 🤓

How Did This Come About

I'm Manny, and this is our story. I was buying bread from a specialty store in Los Baños (Laguna) and thought, why does it take significant effort from ordering to paying to booking a delivery service.

It is good to know that access to technology has been democratized. It enabled small business to compete and have a bigger audience, however, there is still something lacking in terms of integrating the different components; this is where Lapadala comes in.

Lapadala is a system to bring Ordering, Paying, and Booking delivery in one convenient system. This system aims to help small businesses make it convenient for.


We already have the established players in the food ordering business, but there's something not right that's happening in the industry. In my opinion, merchants are charged too much for the service. My stand is it should help small businesses, and not cripple them. Lapadala stands with the merchants to provide them the system to enable them to grow.

Lapadala intends to be a flexible complementary system built in a merchant-centric way. If you are the owner of the businesses, you can have your own website, branding, facebook page, or other social media platform to seamlessly link to the order form for your customers to be able to have your products delivered or picked up. Lapadala does not monopolize nor showcase as an all-in-one product to go to, but more of a system to help in the background with the merchant’s branding in front.

Thank you for reading up to this point. I hope you will support the cause to help small businesses grow!